ich lese gerade dieses wunderbare buch, das ich allen wärmstens ans herz legen möchte – hier ein paar kostproben:

„only the measurable is real. we have maximized our production of the measurable – the square feet, the productivity per labor unit – at the expense of everything qualitative: sacredness, intimacy, love, beauty, and play.

how much of the ugly does it take to substitute for a lack of the beautiful?“


„from our immersion in scarcity arise the habits of scarcity. from the scarcity of time arises the habit of hurrying. from the scarcity of money comes the habit of greed. from the scarcity of attention comes the habit of showing off. from the scarcity of meaningful labor comes the habit of laziness. from the scarcity of unconditional acceptance comes the habit of manipulation. these are but examples – there are as many responses to each of these missing things as there are individuals.“

„all of these flavors of scarcity share a common root, a kind of existential scarcity for which i cannot find a name. it is a scarcity of being, the feeling „i am not enough“ or „there is not enough life“. born of the cutoff of our extended selves that inter-exist with the rest of the universe, it never lets us rest. it is a consequence of our alienation, our abandonment to a dead, purposeless universe of force and mass, a universe in which we can never feel at home, a universe in which we are never held by an intellligence greater than our own, never part of an unfolding purpose. even more than the scarcity of time or money, it is this existential unease that drives the will to consume and control.“

„we will not survive as a species through more of the same: better breeds of corn, better pesticides, the extension of control to the genetic and molecular level. we need to enter a fundamentally different story.“